Metro lines in Istanbul

In a large, sprawling city such as Istanbul, the issue of transportation and how to move around is one of the first topics that arrivals to this city looking for. To make the process of transportation easier and more comfortable, get to know with us the most important information about metro lines in Istanbul, which is one of the most important means of public transportation that helped solve the congestion crisis
Let’s get acquainted with the metro map shown in the figure first:

The metro system consists of nine lines shown in different colors on the map, and new lines are under construction so that the network will consist of 13 lines distributed between the Asian and European parties.
The lines currently in use are as follows:
• (Yenikapı-Atatürk Havalimanı Metro Hattı): M1A
One of the first metro lines in Istanbul that was opened in 1989 and is considered one of the important lines as it reaches Ataturk Airport. This line passes through 18 stations and has a length of 26.8 km

The journey time on this line is 35 minutes and the working hours are as follows 6:00-00:00
The most important stations on this line are:
o Yenikapi Station: Yenikapı is the meeting point of lines M1A -M1B-M2 and MARMARAY line, which means you can transfer to other lines through this central station
o Aksaray Station: AKSARAY It is considered the main destination for any Arab tourist, as it contains many Arab restaurants and shops in addition to various hotels
o Station: EMNIYET FATIH Immigration Department District – Public Souls Department – Emniyat Istanbul, which are the main state departments for residency matters and citizenship application
o Station: Zeytinburnu enables you to transfer to the T1 tram line and the Metrobus line
o Atatürk Havalimanı Station: directly connects to Ataturk International Airport

• Yenikapı-Kirazlı Metro Hattı (M1B):
This line has 13 stations and is 26.8 km long

The journey on the Yeni Kapi Kirazli line takes 25 minutes, and its most important stations are:
o Otogar Station: Buses to other Turkish cities depart from this station

• Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metro Hattı (M2):
Work on this line began in 2000, and it is considered a crowded line, as it passes through the famous Taksim area. The length of the line is 23 km, and it consists of 16 stations as follows:

The journey time on the entire line is 32 minutes
The most important stations on this line are:
o Taksim Station: It is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, and Istiklal Street is the most famous in it, as it includes many shops, hotels, and antique shops. Also passing through this street is a tramway (Taksim – Tunnel), which added a special charm to the area
o Levent4 station: You can reach directly to Sapphire Avm Shopping Center which is the second tallest building in Turkey
o İTÜ Ayazağa Station: which connects to Istanbul Technical University İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

• Kirazlı-Başakşehir/Metrokent Metro Hattı (M3):
This line was opened in 2006 and has a length of 16 km and passes through 9 stops

The journey time on this line is 20 minutes

• (Kadıköy-Tavşantepe Metro Hattı) M4:
This line is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. It opened in 2012. It is 26.2 km long and consists of 19 stations as follows

The journey time is 84 minutes on the entire line, and its most important stations are:
o Pendik Station: Through this station, you can reach IDO, which is the departure center for cruises
o Hastane-Adliye Station: You directly access the Adliya building and the Grand Kartal Hospital. You also have access to the Anatoliium Avm Shopping Center, which includes the famous IKEA complex
o Esenkent station: from it you reach the two shopping centers PIAZZA – MATEPE PARK
o Bostancı Station: You arrive at the Bostanci port, from which many cruises depart inside and outside Istanbul
o Ünalan Station: From where you can transfer to the Metrobus line or reach the Akasya Shopping Center
o Ayrılık Çeşmesi Station: It transfers to the Marmaray line
o Kadıköy Station: Through it, you reach the famous Kadikoy area, where there are markets and hotels

• Üsküdar-Çekmeköy Metro Hattı (M5):
It is the second line of the metro network on the Asian side of Istanbul and the first automatic line in Turkey, as it works completely automatically without a driver, linking the Umraniye municipality to the Cekmeköy area, and work is being done to extend this line until it reaches the Sultanbeyli and Kurtkoy areas
The line is 20 km long and passes through 16 stations

The journey time on the entire line is 32 minutes

• Levent-Boğaziçi Ü./Hisarüstü Metro Hattı (M6):
It is the shortest metro line, with a length of 3.3 km.
One in each direction and provides access to Boğaziçi Üniversitesi. University
This line passes through 4 stops as follows:

The journey time in each direction is 7 minutes and you can transfer to the M2 line through the LEVENT station

• Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Hattı (M7):
It is the first automatic line on the European side of Istanbul, with a length of 18 km and passing through 15 stations

The journey time is 32 minutes and this line will provide the possibility to transfer to M11 Gayrettepe-İstanbul
Which arrives at the new Istanbul airport when it opens

• Bahariye-Olimpiyat Metro Hattı (M9):
This line was opened on May 29, 2021. It is 6 km long and passes through 5 stations

And you can switch to the M3 line at İkitelli Sanayi Station
Thus, we have become acquainted with the most important transportation network in Istanbul, and to obtain a property that provides you with the possibility of comfortable transportation, you can contact the team with long experience in the field of investment and real estate, who will offer you the best available options near the means of transportation.

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